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Use Sun Clothing for Sun Protection

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It is important that we use sun protective items including sunscreen, sun clothing, and sunglasses to protect ourselves from the dangers of the sun while enjoying the outdoors.

Why the need for sun protection?

Overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause skin damage. This skin damage can range in severity from sunburns and rashes to premature wrinkles and skin cancer. In fact, according to the National Cancer Institute there will be more than an estimated 1 million new cases of skin cancer in 2008. Each year more than 53,600 people in the United States are diagnosed with melanoma (the worst form of skin cancer).

What can we do for protection?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has established a program to teach us how to protect ourselves from overexposure to the sun. The program is called Sunwise. Their sun safety action steps are the following:

  • Do Not Burn
  • Avoid Sun Tanning and Tanning Beds
  • Generously Apply Sunscreen
  • Wear Protective Clothing
  • Seek Shade
  • Use Extra Caution Near Water, Snow and Sand
  • Watch for the UV Index
  • Get Vitamin D Safely

UV index, sun clothing, SPF ratings may be terms that are very new to you. The goal of the Sun Clothing Blog is to inform you about the potential dangers of the sun and provide you information that you can consider for helping you protect yourself and your family.

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OVERVIEW: Sun Screen for your booody

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head to toe sunscreen protection is cool yo!

Infographics make me happy here is a very helpful one from Olay!

The lovely people over at smallflowertv got cha covered
Sunscreen overview 2012

Coola Review:

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SIDE NOTE Check out my Merz ( Haul

Products Mentioned & where to buy

Jane carter revitalizing leave in conditioner

CVS Sheer Mist Sunscreen (comparable to neutrogena sunblick ultra sheer)

Coola sport spf 35 pina colada sunscreen spray
Sign up for Hautelook and see if Coola returns (affliate link)

Peter Thomas Roth

Coola face spf unscented matte finish tint

available pretty much EVERYWHERE

EOS lip balms
most drugstores

Green Herbal Beauty
No longer available for purchase

most drugstores

Burts Bees
no longer available

Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF

Supergoop swipe

Smashbox hd foundation

Rimmel, loreal youthcode, and maybelline (not shown but mentioned cethaphil daily lotions with spf)
Most drugstores

I am wearing
Mac quite natural paintpot to fill in eyebrows
Maybelline FitMe foundation 125
Maybelline FitmE Powder in 130
Maybelline FitMe concealer in 25
Physicans formula cashmear wear blush in rose
Nars giza lipgloss


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Skin Cancer Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment

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Dr. Shane Chapman, MD discusses Skin Cancer Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment. See more at PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!!!
Small SCCs evolving from actinic keratosis are treated by electrodesiccation and curettage. Larger tumors or those on or near the vermilion border of the lips are best excised and should

include the subcutaneous fat. Histologic microstaging may help to direct therapy. Tumors thinner than 4 mm can be managed by simple local removal. Patients with lesions that are between 4

and 8 mm thick or that exhibit deep dermal invasion should undergo excision.

Tumors that penetrate through the dermis are staged by the surgeon and treated with several modalities including

excisional surgery and Mohs surgery, neck dissection, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Larger tumors or those about the nose and eyes require special consideration. When SCC metastasizes,

it spreads first to local nodal groups. The combination of Mohs micrographic surgery and sentinel lymphadenectomy may be an option for management of SCCs at high risk for metastasis.


those patients who are poor surgical candidates, radiation therapy is also a valid means of removal. Routine follow up and lymph node examination for all patients shoul

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Protection from the sun

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Skin Cancer is a serious problem with fishermen. Here’s how I protect myself from the sun.

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Sunny Sleevez

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Sunny Sleevez are the perfect alternative to sticky sunscreen that takes 20 minutes to even START working and has to be reapplied EVERY 2 hours.

Sunny Sleevez are super lightweight, 50+ UPF fabric sun protection sleeves you can wear to cover your arms whilst still wearing your regular short sleeved shirt

Sunny Sleevez are rated 50+UPF and block 98% of all uv rays.
Prevent skin cancer and melanoma with sun protective clothing.
Instant, chemical free sun protection. Great for golfers, runners and driving.
Available both and without a hand cover in 7 sizes for babies, kids & adults

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